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Weekly - Monday Feb 24th, 2014


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This Blue Sky Society Trust “One in a Million” campaign is the latest initiative to help wildlife conservation in Africa. We need your involvement in order for this worthwhile campaign to be a success; it requires the global support of schools, corporates and individuals. The Indiegogo fundraising initiative is the first step as a worldwide call to action for people to get involved and speak out against poaching. We ask for your HELP!

In 2013 over 1004 Rhino were poached, with predictions of close to 30 000 elephants losing their lives, and with lion numbers rapidly diminishing due to canned-hunting our majestic animals are in HUGE DANGER.

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Monday Feb 17th, 2014

- Just Let Me Learn School, Sesawng India -

My mom & I are building a school in Sesawng, India
to give 750 kids a year access to quality education breaking the vicious cycle of poverty.

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When my Mom and I traveled to India and visited the Sesawng village, we heard one message loud and clear. Just Let Me Learn! Please build us a school! It touched us so much, we named our foundation accordingly. Our goal with this Indiegogo campaign is to raise $149,000 to build the Sesawng Village School, educating up to 750 kids every year. We would like you to be a part of it!

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Monday Feb 10th, 2014

- House Fire -
Richard and Danielle CookRich and Danielle Cook experienced the shock of a lifetime on 1/25/14 when they arrived home & their house was on fire. The family is safe; the house is gutted.

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Rich, Danielle, Ellis, Oona, and Madeline. 
On the evening of Saturday, January 26, 2013, The Cooks pulled into the driveway of their Colchester, Vermont house to find it on fire. Their home has been gutted and their possessions destroyed. The family is safe and staying in a local hotel until they can find a suitable and affordable two bedroom, dog-friendly, apartment or house. (Anyone??) 

Help us reach $15,000!! The $2,500 goal was set up low, so minimal fees would be charged and The Cook's would receive more cash.

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Monday Feb 3rd, 2014

SunFarmer - Power reliable healthcare with solar energy in rural Nepal.
Let's help health clinics afford solar energy with an innovative rent-to-own model!

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Power reliable healthcare with solar energy in rural Nepal is a registered member of the Energy Access Practitioner Network, supported by the United Nations Foundation. The Network serves as a platform for all energy access organizations that contribute to the United Nations's 2030 goal of sustainable energy for all." 

- The problem -
2.5 billion people around the world lack access to reliable energy. Imagine going to a health clinic that goes dark when the sun goes down, cannot provide routine lab tests, and uses tools that aren’t sterilized due to a lack of electricity. This is a reality around the world:

An estimated 300,000 health clinics serving 1 billion patients don't have reliable electricity
Almost 50% of vaccines in developing countries are ruined due to unreliable refrigeration

The current model for delivering electricity to health clinics is broken

SunFarmer is creating an innovative “rent to own” financing model for solar energy. We partner with local companies to install solar energy systems, built to SunFarmer’s highest quality standards. Instead of paying for unreliable grid power or diesel, clinics make monthly payments towards the purchase of a solar energy system.

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Monday Jan 27th, 2014

Bonaverde - empower farmers around the world to trade their coffee directly.
Help build the infrastructure and trust needed to move forward with the coffee revolution:
Better prices for farmers and fresher coffee for consumers!

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Help provide the highly needed infrastructure, funds and a technology that bridges the gap between farmer and consumer - so farmers get more for their beans while consumers can finally enjoy a truly fair and fresher than ever coffee.

- The problem -

Currently, there are up to 17 steps between the farmer and the consumer while farmers usually profit least: they only get around 1% of the final retail price - 5-6 dollar cent per kilo, a kilo that later is sold for 5-6€. Do they have an option? Roasting the beans themselves isn't one as e.g. the EU charges too high taxes when importing roasted beans.

But what if we were able to shift the roasting process to the consumer? Farmers could import raw beans and still get by far better prices, and you would get the freshest coffee ever tasted.

- Our vision-

There IS a way to bring the roasting process into everyone’s home! Thanks to the world’s first roast-grind-brew coffee machine that we developed 2 years ago. After building 135 prototypes and having more than 15,000 people taste our coffee, we got more and more encouraging feedback and decided to turn to the crowd to fund our machine.

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Monday Jan 20th, 2014


Stop the YuLin Dog Meat Festival in China.
Our goal is to put an end to the brutal annual dog meat (and cat meat) festival in YuLin, China. The Duo Duo Animal Welfare Project is a nonprofit public benefit corporation.

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What this money goes toward:


* Hiring local investigators and informers to track the illegal capture of dogs from homes and farmlands. Encouraging local people to use their cell phones to take photos and file a report.


* Recruiting teachers to provide workshops and classes in local schools on the cruelty of the trade, with heightened emphasis during the three months leading up to the annual dog meat festival in 2014


DuoDuo Animal Welfare Project (DDAWP) was founded in February 2013 with the goal of building stronger relationships between animal-loving communities in the United States and animal advocates in Taiwan and China through the provision of financial and other resources for on-the-ground projects.


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Monday Jan 13th, 2014

Jeffrey Baldwin Memorial.
Honouring the memory of a vulnerable child who deserved so much more than what he got.

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Jeffrey is the five-year-old Toronto boy who died of pneumonia, septic shock and starvation at the hand of his maternal grandparents, who had been named his guardians.


When he died 2 months before he was to turn six, he was just 21 pounds — about as much as he weighed on his first birthday. It was a hellish life Jeffrey experienced. Locked in his unheated room for long stretches of time, left to sit in his own waste, deprived of food, made to feel worthless as a human being. Jeffrey was so severely starved at the end of his short life he didn't have the strength to breathe. The last night of his life, he could be heard weeping before his suffering came to a tragic end. Jeffrey was a vulnerable little boy who deserved so much more than what he got.


Our mission is to raise funds in order to erect a life size bronze memorial statue in the image of Jeffrey wearing his superman costume. This memorial will become a centrepiece tribute within Greenwood Park , Toronto. It will be a symbol for everyone about how important it is to be diligent about reporting suspected instances of child abuse to prevent another needless death such as Jeffrey's.


It will be constructed in a manner to allow children to play on. This will allow children to play with Jeffrey, a neglected child that was prevented from having any friends to play with himself during his short life.


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Monday January 6th, 2014

Solar Liberator.
World's first fully integrated smart solar power appliance. Switch to clean solar power in minutes and save on your energy bill.

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The Earth receives more energy from the sun every hour than what the whole world uses in a year!
Meet the world's first smart solar power appliance that enables you to go solar in minutes.

Solar Liberator's scalable and modular approach enables you to switch to solar at your own pace. You can start with a single panel and add more capacity as you feel confident and your budget permits. The 500W unit comes with extensible slots with which you can easily connect up multiple panels.


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Monday December 30th, 2013

Bring Yoga-based Life Skills Programs to 500 Youth.
New Leaf Yoga Foundation needs your help to carry out five of our year-long yoga programs for youth in marginalized communities and youth justice settings.

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New Leaf Yoga Foundation needs YOUR help to carry out five of our year-long yoga programs for youth in marginalized communities and youth justice settings.


Our dedicated team brings yoga to young people in some of the least-serviced environments, supporting them to tap into a sense of personal empowerment, resiliency, self-awareness and peace.


We have secured a private contributor who has generously agreed to MATCH funds if we meet our $20,000 goal. This means, every dollar you contribute - and the impact it has - will be doubled!


"I’ve learned to control my anger."
- New Leaf participant, 17 years old, youth custody program


"I was very judgmental prior to this yoga experience. Now I put myself in a person’s shoes before judging them."
- New Leaf participant, 20 years old, gang-exit initiative


"Yoga has shown me a positive rather than negative way to deal with anger and frustration. It has taught me to relax myself without [using drugs]."
- New Leaf participant, 19 years old, gang-exit initiative


“I got involved in gangs when I was really young. I used to think that I ran things in [jail]. Yoga’s made me more humble… it’s one of the few things that has changed my life.” 
- New Leaf participant, 19yrs, youth custody program


"Last week I almost got into a fight. Then I remembered what you said about breathing, and I just took a couple of breaths and walked away."
- New Leaf participant, 16 yrs, youth custody program


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Weekly - Monday December 23rd, 2013


FaceRig is a program that lets you embody awesome characters, with total freedom of face expressions and emotions in real time, by just using a webcam.

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FaceRig is a program enabling anyone with a webcam to instantly embody any character they want. The output can be streamed to Skype, Twitch or any service that uses a webcam. It can also be instantly recorded as a movie. For now we're focusing on the portrait and the audio, but we aim to do more in the future.


It is currently in development, but we're already having lots of fun with it. We, the developers, would love to have the chance to finalize it and keep it indie to make it available at a low price for everyone to enjoy; that's why we're on Indiegogo. We hope you'll join in and help us create something fresh and fun.


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Monday December 16th, 2013

The way to lasting happiness.
A young man's journey to study Dharma! I decided to study Dharma in order to become a better person and to be of benefit in society. The way to happiness is in the service of the happiness of others.

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Warm greetings, dear friends!

My name is Vlad, 27 years old, born and raised near Bucharest, Romania. I moved to Austria almost four months ago, in Tashi Rabten Monastery, one of the first Buddhist Centers established in Europe.

I have been given the rare opportunity to study here, for at least the next years to come. I've started learning Tibetan language, and I attend regular classes with other novice young students, as well as with monks of different nationalities. Due to the kindness and patience of my teacher and classmates, I am very happy that I know a little about how to read and write in Tibetan, and I feel very enthusiastic about learning new things every day.

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Monday December 16, 2013

Support for Sully.
Providing support for the Deckers to help offset the costs while their beloved Sullivan is in the hospital.

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On December 10, 19-month-old Sullivan Decker was scalded after grabbing a cup of hot coffee off of the counter and spilling it on his face, shoulders and chest.



He was taken by ambulance to his local hospital, and he was immediately transferred to a larger hospital an hour from his home with first and second degree burns on his face and shoulders. After he had been scrubbed, the burns to his face and eyes were assessed to be worse than initially thought, and he was admitted to the hospital.


The stress of having a child in the hospital is unimaginable. Let's do what we can to help alleviate some of it.


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Friday December 13, 2013

Grasshopper Vaporizer.
Grasshopper is an advanced herbal vaporizer. Built to be powerful, durable and discreet, it pushes the boundary of what's technologically possible.

(This looks like it can be useful for people wanting to vaporize Medicinal herbs - mmmExplore.com) 

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Thursday December 12, 2013 

Give The Rainforest A Tree!
Help a community replant their rainforest through a Brazilian/American collaboration. 170,000 trees will restore 250 acres.

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Give The Rainforest A Tree! Help a community replant their rainforest through a Brazilian/American collaboration. 170,000 trees will restore 250 acres.

Looking for a REALLY GREEN GIFT IDEA this holiday season? GIVE A TREE TO THE RAINFOREST!

Let us plant organically grown, non-GMO, native species tree in Brazil's endangered Atlantic rainforest for you, and give you a few tokens of gratitude: Music. Chocolate. Coffee. Cookbook. Scarf.

My name is Alana Lea, and I've found a way to restore hope for the future. With your help, I GIVE TREES to replant a tropical rainforest, where they balance global water cycles, make more oxygen and sink more carbon for the whole planet, than trees planted in cooler climates do.

We are literally giving the lungs of the earth, a transplant!

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Wednesday December 11, 2013

Mars One - First Private Mars Mission in 2018.
Mars One will establish a human settlement on Mars.
You can participate in the first major step: a private Mars Lander and Satellite mission in 2018.

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Mars, Here We Come! 

The Mars One foundation will establish a permanent human settlement on Mars. This Indiegogo campaign will help us jumpstart the first major step in our project – a private Mars Lander and Satellite mission in 2018. Your participation will help fund the 2018 mission and above all, show our partners & sponsors that the world is ready for this to happen. Mars One gives you the opportunity to participate in this historic project. This can be your mission to Mars!

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Tuesday December 10, 2013

Sacramento Buddhists Seeking a Home.
We’ve raised $400,000 so far locally please help us raise another $80,000. If we do we will receive a $20,000 grant and meet our $500,000 Capital Campaign goal!

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Sacramento Dharma Center represents three Buddhist meditation groups that have been offering teachings and practice events for a collective 43 years in our community. We are raising money to purchase or lease a shared community practice center. Our goal for this dedicated space is to offer the healing and transforming practices of Buddhist meditation and teachings to the whole Sacramento community.


Representatives from Sacramento Buddhist Meditation Group, Valley Streams Zen Sangha, and Sacramento Insight Meditation have created Sacramento Dharma Center, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, for the purpose of establishing this space. 


In just one year our successful capital campaign has brought in generous donations and pledges of $400,000 from our local community, putting us close to our goal of $500,000 for the purchase or lease of a suitable building. 


To help us reach our $500,000 goal we recently received an offer of a time- limited $20,000 challenge grant! We will receive these funds if we raise an additional $80,000 toward our goal by December 31, 2013. Meeting our $500,000 goal will enable us to venture into the real estate market with a good down payment or lease pre-payment and funds for renovation.


This is where your help is needed. With your generous support, a beautiful, shared sacred space will become a reality! We plan to have a meditation hall, meeting rooms, library and kitchen facilities. Donate what you can, donate generously so that we can realize this dream.


We thank you for your generosity, for telling your friends about us and our campaign, for sharing this link widely.


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Monday December 9, 2013

YDP Dreaming Project.
In 2004, Wardaman Aboriginal Elder Yidumduma Bill Harney and I began the Yubulyawan Dreaming Project YDP, collecting over 100 video hours of cultural material.


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From the Northern Territory of Australia to the plains of the United States and elsewhere across the planet we are faced with the extinction of indigenous wisdom that has been among us for thousands of years. This tragedy is being played out most profoundly in the fragile lands of the Victoria River region of the Northern Territory of Australia, my homeland.


The Wardaman Aboriginal people of the NT were driven off their land and forced into settlements and schools away from their traditional ways, resulting in a “lost” generation who are stuck between a life that sustained them and a new world they did not choose. Faced with continued discrimination and unhealthy lifestyles off the land, Yubulyawan clan Elder Yidumduma Bill Harney of the Wardaman people won a land claim and returned many of his people to their traditional lands.


Since 1990, I have been blessed to study with my great friend and mentor Yidumduma Bill Harney. I have been visiting and learning from Bill for many years in his Wardaman homeland in the Victoria River country.


Yidumduma always begins teaching his culture with the Creation Story which comes from Buwarraja, the Dreamtime. The Story is told over and over again and is like a tree of life that grows as the children grow. It is the Story of how the Spirit Ancestors sang the world into being. How the language, law, medicine, education, land, plants, birds, animals, insects, ceremony, all came from song and link back to the Creation Story.


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Friday December 6, 2013

Food Banks Canada.
Make a donation, or find a food bank.


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Food Banks Canada is the only national charitable organization representing and supporting the food bank community across Canada. Learn more about us — how we’re organized, our membership, and our programs.


The mission of Food Banks Canada is to reduce hunger in Canada by enabling an effective food bank community that addresses both the short-term need for food and longer-term solutions.


Our vision is to be the voice for the hungry in Canada. 


As we fulfill our vision and work towards our mission, we embrace the values of Teamwork, Transparency, and Integrity.


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Thursday December 5, 2013

Parkinson's.  We're In This Together.
World-Class Care Working Hand in Hand with Cutting-Edge Research.


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Bill Draper and his family want you and your family to get your Indiegogo on.


Between now and January 31, 2014, you'll get to know the Parkinson's Institute and Clinical Center, and the impact of your contributions, through the personal Parkinson's journey of each generation of the Draper family. We know all too well that when a loved one is living with Parkinson’s disease, the entire family is living with Parkinson’s. Our story is told most meaningfully and powerfully through the personal journeys of our Parkinson’s Institute partners and their families—like Bill and his family—and yours. We recognize and celebrate the Draper family’s courage. And, we asked them to share their story with the world. Together, we hope to inspire and motivate other families touched by Parkinson's disease and unleash a very personal call to action.


Caring for people with a disease as complex as Parkinson's does not fit neatly into today's healthcare economics.  It takes much more than an assembly line approach and a 15 minute consultation to provide appropriate and impactful care. Your contributions ensure that at the Parkinson's Institute and Clinical Center no sacrifice is made and no corner is cut.


How quickly do we want access to new and better treatments? How badly do we crave discoveries that one day, hopefully, will lead us to a cure?


We bring together the brightest minds, the most competent hands, and the most compassionate hearts to provide the best Parkinson's disease care anywhere.


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Wednesday December 4, 2013

Heidelberg Project.  Art from the Ashes: Securing a Legacy.
In just six months, the world renowned Heidelberg Project has lost two of its most prominent art installations to arson. Our community needs security, and fast.


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As a result of the 1967 race riots in Detroit, Tyree Guyton returned to his childhood stomping grounds to find them riddled with trash, drugs, and violence. Of the many abandoned, ignored neighborhoods around the city, Guyton's was statistically one of the hardest hit. As people had rushed to move out, crime had eagerly moved in.


Today, the Heidelberg Project (HP) is the third most visited cultural destination in Detroit and one of the world's most iconic displays of community art. The inspirational and controversial art environment, built largely by repurposing found and abandoned materials and homes, spans two city blocks and has generated $3.4 million for the city of Detroit.


On May 3rd of this year, the HP suffered an unprecedented blow: The longest standing house installation on the project was nearly entirely claimed by a "suspicious" fire. Despite many leads and tips, the city's arson investigators were unable to make an arrest due to lack of municipal resources. Six months passed before the arsonist returned to finish the job, burning the Obstruction of Justice house completely to the ground on October 5th, 2013. 


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Tuesday December 3, 2013


Urgent - Help! - Save abandoned kittens and cats in Spain.
Galician cats need your help. Kittens are being killed. Please, contribute. You can change a life (or save a life)!


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My name is Verónica. I am from Seoane, a small village in Galicia (Spain). I am trying to raise money in order to help the abandoned cats that live in the street in my village. Until now the only help that I have received was from a NGO called Mascoteros Solidarios, but now they said that they almost have no money. So this campaign in Indiegogo is my last resource.


Now I am going to explain my situation and the situation of the cats. There are a lot of cats in the streets of my village. Some people consider they like a plague. What is the reason of this large amount of cats? Simple. Most of the people is not aware of the female cats must be sterilized. If a neighbour has a female cat and the cat has kittens, the solution for the neighbour is to abandone the cat or to kill the kittens. As a result of this the number of cats in the streets is increasing and lots of innocents are killed. And they are killed in a very cruel way. They are knocked or drown or thrown alive to a container like they were rubbish. It is urgent to stop this. The solution is to sterilize the female cats.


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Monday December 2, 2013

Grasshopper Vaporizer.
Grasshopper is an advanced herbal vaporizer. Built to be powerful, durable and discreet, it pushes the boundary of what's technologically possible.


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Grasshopper is built to be part of your life. Whether you're climbing a mountain, sitting at a cafe, or just lounging around the house, Grasshopper will always provide. A durable and ergonomic design make it perfect for just about everyone.


We worked hard to create a device that was simple, powerful and rugged. These attributes are at the very core of Grasshopper, and are the key to unlocking your freedom to roam.


A vaporizer is a device used to extract flavors and aromas from plants or herbs. Much like essential oils or incense, vaporizing allows you to enjoy nature in a new way.
A vaporizer gently heats plant matter without burning it, allowing aromas and flavors to escape.


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Friday November 29, 2013

Help Raise Money for The Trevor Project.

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Founded in 1998 by the creators of the Academy Award®-winning short film TREVOR, The Trevor Project is the leading national organization providing crisis intervention and suicide prevention services to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning (LGBTQ) young people ages 13-24.


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Thursday November 28, 2013

AIRTAME: Wireless HDMI for Everyone.
Display your computer screen and sound (Mac, Windows, Linux) on your TV, Projector or Monitor - Wirelessly.

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Have you ever wanted to show your computer screen on your TV, projector or monitor? If so, you have probably experienced some trouble with cables and converters. If you somehow have avoided the cable nightmare you have probably experienced that most wireless solutions either excludes competitors, lacks features or doesn't work with older devices. We don't think that's acceptable in the 21st century.

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Wednesday November 27, 2013


Relative Constructions Exhibition.
Support RelativeConstructions: The Poetic Lens, an innovative exhibition and catalogue by Ellis Hutch, Blaide Lallemand, Caroline Huf and Genevieve Swifte.


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Relative Constructions: The Poetic Lens
Who are we?


We are a collective of innovative contemporary artists called Relative Constructions, who will be staging our first exhibition together in May 2014. Our members are Genevieve Swifte, Blaide Lallemand, Ellis Hutch and Caroline Huf.


We aim to do more than put art on the walls, we aim to bring the community into our practices and processes and find ways to connect with our audiences beyond the life of the exhibition.


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Tuesday November 26, 2013

Sir David Attenborough: Help us save the mountain gorilla.
Help us protect this Critically Endangered species & increase mountain gorilla numbers to over 1,000 individuals in the wild.


Org website 

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A personal plea from Fauna & Flora International (FFI) vice-president Sir Attenborough as he asks the world to help save the mountain gorilla. With your support, FFI & the International Gorilla Conservation Programme can protect this Critically Endangered species and help its population reach at least 1,001 individuals.


In return for your support we are also offering a selection of exclusive perks, including signed items by FFI vice-presidents Sir David Attenborough, Stephen Fry and Rove McManus.


The International Gorilla Conservation Programme (IGCP) is the coalition of conservation partners which FFI established with Sir David Attenborough in 1978 (then called the Mountain Gorilla Project).

The project fosters cooperation across national borders and empowers communities to monitor, protect and benefit from maintaining a healthy population of mountain gorillas. 


Org website 

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Monday November 25, 2013 

Life Itself - A feature documentary based on Roger Ebert's memoir.
Building a community for Roger Ebert fans who want to be among the first to see the new film, Life Itself.


Movie website 

>  IndieGoGo link 


This campaign is raising funds on behalf of Kartemquin Educational Films, a verified nonprofit. The campaign does not necessarily reflect the views of the nonprofit or have any formal association with it. All contributions are considered unrestricted gifts and can't be specified for any particular purpose.


"I was born inside the movie of my life...I don't remember how I got into the movie, but it continues to entertain me."
- Roger Ebert


“This movie is a love story really –– Roger’s love for movies, for Chaz, and even in his own way, his love for Gene. Ultimately, though, it’s a film about Roger’s love for life itself.”
- Steve James


Movie website 

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Friday November 22, 2013

Pet Community Center Spay & Neuter Clinic.
Pet Overpopulation claims 20 animals per day in Nashville. You can save them by helping us open a low cost spay/neuter clinic.


Center website 

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Nashville is in the midst of a pet overpopulation crisis. This problem is solvable.


We have spent the past few years researching and talking to leaders in other cities and we discovered that it is possible to save 80-90% of our shelter animals. But we are lacking 11,000 – 15,000 spay/neuter surgeries per year to achieve the same result. 


We are leading Nashville to the next step – the most powerful way to save shelter animals: opening a high volume, high quality, low cost, spay/neuter clinic.




Pet Community Center Spay/Neuter Clinic


Goal: Open spring 2014


Location: To be announced. East Nashville area – looking at areas with high number of stray/free roaming animals and high number of animal control complaints.




Spaying and neutering is the most cost effective and powerful way to save our animals. High volume spay/neuter and targeting high-risk animals can reduce shelter intake by a minimum of 10% annually. The average cost to care for an animal in a shelter can range any where from $150 - $250 per animal. The average cost to spay/neuter one animal at our clinic will be near $50.


We are a privately operated non-profit organization, but by investing in our programs, you will help lower shelter intake and euthanasia at our local shelters, which will save more animals across the city.


Center website 

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Thursday November 21, 2013

THE BRIDGE: Building a Better Community for Poets.
The world's first poetry network connecting student & mentor poets.

The Bridge website 

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Too many student & mentor poets today are missing each other. We have this thing called the internet to connect them, but no network getting it done.

Until now. For the past year Brooklyn Poets has been designing and laying the groundwork for such a network. In homage to Hart Crane, we call this The Bridge. And you can help build it.


Help student poets find mentor poets to get critiques of their work without having to go through a workshop structure or writing program.
Help mentor poets find student poets by offering critiquing services — at their own prices.
Students find mentors for less money than a workshop or writing program would cost, and mentors get paid without having to land one of those hard-to-find teaching jobs. It's that simple.

Students choose mentors based on price, services offered, location and other factors such as skills and stylistic influences. If they like, they can sign up for workshops proposed by mentors--workshops not governed by the mandates of any institution, for however long mentors want, with however many students, at whatever price, online or on site.

The Bridge website 

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Tuesday November 19, 2013


Help Survivors of Typhoon Haiyan.
Take action to send food and relief supplies to Filipino communities hit by Typhoon Haiyan. Give today to CDRC Philippines.


> IndieGoGo link 

> CDRC website 


Updated 11/13/2013: WE DID IT! Thanks to you, we exceeded our goal of $5,000 in just 72 hours — and with 20 days still left in the campaign.


Please be assured that any donations we raise from this point on will continue to fund CDRC’s emergency relief efforts.


Also remember that CDRC’s work does not end with providing urgent relief. CDRC invests heavily on rebuilding lives and helping the poorest and most vulnerable communities be better prepared for natural disasters. In a country that typically gets hit by more typhoons than any country in the world—and lies in the Pacific Ring of Fire—this is very important work.


Again, thank you so much for your support. Maraming salamat po!


Donate today to send vital disaster relief support to the Philippines in the aftermath of Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda). Your donation - whether it’s $10 or $100 - will support the work of the Citizens' Disaster Response Center (CDRC), a locally-led relief organization working on the ground right now in the hardest hit regions of the Philippines.


When Haiyan struck, CDRC responded, sending food, fresh water, hygiene kits and sleeping kits to people who need them.


> IndieGoGo link 

CDRC website 


Monday November 18, 2013

Ben Ottewell Solo Record.
Campaign to raise money for Ben Ottewell's second solo album.


> IndieGoGo link 

> BenOttewell.com 


Hello! I am setting out to raise enough money here to record, mix, package, promote and ultimately tour my second solo album that I have been writing for the past 18 months.


I’m going the route of Indiegogo to make this record because it seems to be a really honest way to do it. Indiegogo lends a kind of transparency into making the record that you wouldn't normally have in the typical record industry releases and I feel long term Gomez followers will really enjoy engaging in this way.


I've got a really strong set of tunes. As far as the songs I've written there is more of a blues influence, probably going to be more shouting and more guitar solos! The last record was pretty much acoustic; this one will be a bit rockier, perhaps a bit more of a looser feel to it. Also the songs are all new this time, the last record was a collection of tunes from the last 7 years.


For £8 you can get a download of the new record before it is officially released plus all exclusives & updates through this Indiegogo page. If you can support more than that, there are many exciting offerings as thanks to repay you for your faith and support in the album.


Even if you can’t afford to pledge monetarily, your help is still very much needed and appreciated. Please talk about and share the link to this page everywhere you can. Post it to your Twitter, Facebook or share it in an email blast. This will only work if we can get the word out organically and through trusted sources.


- I will create an album that you will be proud to be a part of
- I will keep you connected throughout the process (with the help of Meghan)
- You will have your pledge items delivered to you as promised


> IndieGoGo link 

> BenOttewell.com 

Friday November 15, 2013

Little Baby Lucas Surgery.
Lucas has been in and out of hospitals since birth, but has always been a fighter. His battle for life continues. Here is his story…

> IndieGoGo link 

February 3rd, 2013 was the day Lucas was born. Little did we know that this day filled with love, joyfulness, excitement and delight, was the start of an incredible new journey for our little family.

Shortly after birth Lucas was taken into ICU and for the first 2 days had to be on a drip and in an incubator as his heartbeat was irregular and his blood sugar was very low. After stabilizing the doctors said he could go home for the first time.

However, within a couple weeks his heartbeat and breathing took a turn for the worst and this began the multiple hospital, doctors and specialists visits.

By three months Lucas had still not gained much weight, weighing only about 3kg (7 lbs); and was continuing to have difficulty breathing. So he was admitted into the hospital again for seven straight days of testing. Little Lucas went through X-rays, MRIs, scope, barrium swallow exams, blood tests and many more, and yet through it all he was a total champion. 

After all the testing Lucas was diagnosed with the following. 

-- Severe GERD – this is severe acid reflux

-- Bilateral Vocal Cord Paralysis – this causes food and water to go into his lungs when he eats and is quite dangerous for him

-- VSD – Lucas has a small hole in his heart which makes his body have to work all the harder in getting better.

Collectively these three things have caused Lucas to have a lot of problems with his health, as he cannot swallow or keep food down and his heart has to work extra hard to digest and keep him alive.

What We Need

We've compiled and launched this campaign on the behalf of baby Lucas' parents, as we want to help and support them through this difficult time in any way that we can.

The insurance company to date has not been very helpful and has refused to cover most of their costs. So as you can imagine, the hospital stays, tests and medication has taken a huge toll on their finances and with their journey only starting with him, there will be many more bills to come.

We desperately need your help to cover the surgery and intensive care needed in the months following. As well as the medical pump, additional hospital visits, possible future surgeries, rehabilitation work, medication and home care.

Every gift will make a huge difference and help Lucas in his battle for life. Thank you in advance for your help. We will keep you posted on the progress and journey of baby Lucas.

IndieGoGo Link


Thursday November 14, 2013

Healing Trauma in Veterans with MDMA-Assisted Psychotherapy.
Non-profit research to develop MDMA-assisted psychotherapy into a safe and legal treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

> Research website

> IndieGoGo link

MAPS' government-approved research shows that MDMA-assisted psychotherapy can be an effective treatment for people who do not respond to traditional therapies for post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Our ongoing study in U.S. military veterans, firefighters, and police officers is halfway complete, and early results are promising.

We need your help to complete this study and spread awareness about the need for more effective treatments for PTSD.

Every gift moves us closer to completing the vital research needed to make MDMA-assisted psychotherapy a safe and legal treatment option for people suffering from PTSD. 
"When it comes to the health and well-being of those who serve, we should leave our politics at the door and not be afraid to follow the data. There's now an evidence base for this MDMA therapy and a plausible story about what may be going on in the brain to account for the effects."

—Retired Brig. Gen. Loree Sutton, founding director of the Defense Centers of Excellence for Psychological Health and Traumatic Brain Injury

Powerful Evidence, Promising Futures

In a recently completed study, 83% of subjects receiving MDMA-assisted psychotherapy no longer qualified for PTSD, and everyone who received a placebo and then went on to receive MDMA-assisted psychotherapy experienced significant and lasting improvements. These results were published in the Journal of Psychopharmacology. These subjects had suffered from PTSD for an average of 19 years.

A long-term follow-up of subjects receiving MDMA-assisted psychotherapy revealed that overall benefits were maintained on average for 3½ years or more.

Research website 

IndieGoGo Link

Wednesday November 13, 2013


We Are Culture.
We Are Culture brings the MT Space and Neruda Arts together to produce 2 festivals, and 7 independent theatre & music events.


> We Are Culture website

> IndieGoGo link


We Are Culture – The vision, the project, the movement

We Are Culture is the shared vision of two companies in Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario, Canada – MT Space and Neruda Arts. It is a vision of the active involvement of underrepresented and marginalized groups in the wide platforms that currently exist in the Canadian artistic landscape. We understand that there are many people, such as immigrants, Indigenous people and others, who cannot find outlets in their communities for creative expression. With We Are Culture we are trying to help these people share their stories and participate in the reclaiming of shared spaces of culture and expression.


MT Space and Neruda Arts have already received generous support for the We Are Culture vision from government, corporate and individual donors. This support has helped us launch the inaugural venture of the We Are Culture vision: a new and unique presentation of culturally diverse music and theatre in Kitchener-Waterloo. However, even with the efforts of generous donors, dedicated volunteers and passionate creators, we have encountered funding challenges that cannot be covered by ticket sales and donations.


With this campaign we hope to raise $16,000 to ensure the financial stability of this first venture. Once that stability is ensured, MT Space and Neruda Arts can focus on making We Are Culture a lasting movement that helps more and more of the underrepresented and unheard voices among us find opportunities for creative expression and makes these expressions available to the people of Kitchener-Waterloo.


We Are Culture website 

IndieGoGo Link

Tuesday November 12, 2013


Help us to save the wildlife of Yasuni and show it to the world.
Making short movies and informative clips of the astonishing wildlife of Yasuní, the place with the greatest concentration of diversity on earth!


> Tiputini website

> IndieGoGo link


I am pleased to announce a matching grant from the Wildlife Learning Foundation in the final weeks of this campaign! Any money you donate will be doubled so I can buy the cameras and supplies needed to keep documenting the wildlife of the Yasuní and help to its urgent protection!

Yasuní: Heaven on earth
My name is Diego Mosquera. I am an ecologist and I live and work in Yasuní National Park (Ecuador), one of the most biologically diverse areas in the world. For the last few years and with the help of camera traps, I have been documenting and studying the amazing wildlife that Yasuní holds, obtaining very valuable information on animals, their presence and use of habitat and making this information available through scientific papers. (For more info, pictures and a list of publications, click here)

As one of the inhabitants of Yasuní, I have also been a direct witness of the many threats its biodiversity faces. Oil exploitation, roads, illegal overhunting and logging, habitat loss and wildlife trade, just to mention some, are real and are happening within the park. Sadly, many of the threats come from the inhabitants of the park and its surroundings, due to lack of knowledge or misconceptions about the role of many species in the forest. This inevitably generates conflicts that could potentially threaten the coexistence of people and wildlife. 


Tiputini website

IndieGoGo Link

Monday November 11, 2013

Help Moises Heal.  Moises fell off a roof and was severely injured. He was at the hospital, went through surgeries, has no insurance and is unable to work. He needs our help!

> Moises website

> IndieGoGo link

Moises Orozco fell off a 2nd story roof on Friday the 27th onto a jagged metal sculpture and is severely injured. He was at the hospital in Tucson for 8 days, went through 6 hours of plastic surgery, mainly on his face, and has no insurance. His hospital and surgery bills plus his upcoming dental work are going to be astronomically high and will well exceed the $5,000 we are asking! The new titanium in his face alone is worth a pretty penny. Please donate anything you can and help this incredible, amazing and giving man heal rapidly and get the care he deserves. This man is one of a kind and has helped so many people, let's show him how much we appreciate him! Read about this story in the Daily Star: Click here.

[If the amount you'd like to donate is not listed on the side, you can make a donation in any amount] Thank you so so much. Truly. 

Check out Moises's current projects: He was working on it when all this happened and now sadly it's been put on hold. It's a HUMAN POWERED VEHICLE! Also you can see more genius inventions on his website at www.Moises-Orozco.com 

Moises website

IndieGoGo Link

Friday November 8, 2013

TuneGO Artist Development Network.  TuneGO helps aspiring artists and musicians succeed by giving you everything you need to reach your full potential!

> TuneGO website

> IndieGoGo link

So what is TuneGO?

It's the platform created by the career development professionals who have worked with the largest names in music.
Do you want your music played on the radio?
Do you want to work with the world's largest music producers?
Do you want to play exclusive Live Events?
Do you want a recording contract?
Are you looking for more fans?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then your answer is TuneGO.

TuneGO website

IndieGoGo Link

Thursday November 7, 2013


Healing from the Root.  Support the atypical cancer healing journey of an artist and holistic medicine practitioner; leave your fear behind and join me on the path of true healing. - Hannah Albert


> Hannah's website

> IndieGoGo link


My name is Hannah and I was diagnosed with a stage 4 breast cancer recurrence in June of this year. Back in 2003, my initial diagnosis was early-stage cancer, and I treated it with surgery, chemo, radiation, and "alternative" holistic medicine.


I've been making art most of my life and I've been practicing Naturopathic and Homeopathic medicine since 2000. I also teach workshops that blend art-making, writing, visualization, and healing work for the past 12 years.


I created this campaign for two reasons: to get help paying for treatment costs not covered by insurance, and to get the word out that I'm writing a book on the art of healing cancer with an integrative medicine model (outside the Matrix).


The book I'm writing intertwines my personal healing journey with accessible therapies and practical strategies that everyone can use, whether you're sick or healthy. Disease could be seen as a strategy by the body to get our attention; true healing happens by unearthing and eradicating the root causes. Drugs and surgery only treat the end product of a process, which is why disease often recurs. True, permanent healing only happens from the root.


- The Impact -


All of us will be directly or indirectly impacted by illness along life's path. Maybe you or your loved one has had cancer already. Getting diagnosed with a serious illness will rattle the strongest of the strong, but you don't have to succumb to fear and immediately resort to expensive, invasive, dangerous treatments that leave permanent long-term side effects. I'm creating a book that will inspire and support you on your journey, filled with practical ways to apply these therapies on their own, or alongside other treatments to help minimize their side effects. Bottom line: Get inspired, Get empowered, Get back into your body!


My story is unique but not unusual in today's world. I tell it with a Zen-influenced philosophy and illustrate it from my heart's truth.


Hannah's website

IndieGoGo Link

Wednesday November 6, 2013

Conscious Step: Socks that solve social problems.  Incredibly comfortable socks that plant trees, feed the hungry, and send kids to school.

These socks make serious steps toward solving poverty.  Help us order the first batch.
> Conscious Step website

> IndieGoGo link

We've taken the best quality socks you've ever worn, lovingly crafted them in working conditions of the highest ethical standards, and matched each design in support of a different social cause.

To get started, we need your help to order 6,000 pairs. In the process, we can feed 6,000 malnourished children, plant 60,000 trees, and contribute to getting clean water to 500,000 people in Nepal!! We'll be releasing photos and information on the impact you 're creating throughout the campaign.

Conscious Step website

IndieGoGo Link

Tuesday November 5, 2013


River Voices. 'River Voices' is a feature film helping to protect the Tsilhqot'in (Chilcotin - BC - Canada) wild lands for the people, the Grizzlies, Wild Horses, Salmon and more.
> IndieGoGo link 


Hello, I'm Jeremy Williams with http://RiverVoices.Ca
I've been producing environmental and social justice documentaries for 14 years and have won a few awards in the process.I am passionate about human relationships with the land and how we can re-learn to live in balance with the earth and each other.


My goal is to create a compelling documentary film about the Tsilhqot'in (aka Chilcotin) region of "BC" (Canada), which is a major tributary of the mighty Fraser River and is connected to the coast and its salmon. This area is extremely wild, magical and in need of our protection! With your support, we will tell this story to the world, and help protect this amazing wilderness!


What we need financial support for;


In order to create a professional film that can reach a global audience, I need to give it the effort it deserves. This means travel, vehicle and equipment maintenance ; production costs, licensing music... (See our budget below)
Filming; our travel expenses are minimized by camping and carpooling, but each trip to the Tsilhqot'in costs $1,000. 
PERKS! Ranging from credit in the film, DVDs, and T-shirts to a Trip to Chilko Lake Lodge, we are offering a huge spectrum of benefits to you, the funder!
This project is ongoing and every bit of support will be put to use as we prioritize our needs and creative goals.
Aside from financial support, we need you on our team to tell this story, raise awareness and spread the word!


The Impact
This project is part of a larger campaign to protect this magical wilderness and your contribution will not only help this film, but the conservation of wildlife and their habitat!


> IndieGoGo link

> River Voices Website Link

Monday November 4, 2013

The Price of Existence.  Creating a film that exposes misinformation, politics, corruption, and financial influences that continue to plague a protected species, the great white shark.
> IndieGoGo link 

The Price of Existence is a fiscally sponsored project of Independent Arts & Media, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit supporting people and projects that use media and the arts to build community and participation.

- Short Summary -

White sharks are in more peril than you may believe and the enemies may surprise you. As my passion I've traveled the world filming white sharks while making short, self-funded documentaries. However, the scale of this project has required me to leave the conventional 9-5 job in pursuit of shark conservation and filming. Between awe-inspiring footage and a story that will shock and captivate you, your decision to be part of this project will prove to be a great one.

> IndieGoGo link

> Independent Arts & Media link

Friday November 1, 2013


Help Holly Seerley Restore Her Health.Join us in our campaign to raise funds for Holly Seerley, who is in treatment for breast cancer, to take time off work to rest and recover. Watch the video!
> IndieGoGo link 


Susan Mackay Sweeney, another friend and colleague of Holly's, describes her well:
"Holly has a golden halo of goodness that emanates from her, surrounds her, is the essence of her. Perhaps it is because of the endless acts of kindness and compassion she shows towards others; or the hours and hours of volunteer time she gives to people with ADHD and other learning differences through her volunteer work at CHADD, Star Academy and other organizations; or the emotional support, intellectual breadth, and clinical wisdom she brings to so many people. 
"Whatever it is about Holly, and maybe it is the summation of all of these things, she brings to her life and that of others true kindness, a beam of light, a gesture of humanity. The way she lives her life serves as a reminder to us all that we are all in this life together, that we all sometimes need to lean on one another."

I, Karen, initiated this campaign, with Holly's permission, to help by raising funds in her behalf. Serious illness is expensive, and all the more so for the self-employed professional who is also the source of income for her two children. Now I am asking you to join me.

In the last eight months, Holly has responded to her diagnosis of breast cancer by mobilizing to track down the best information and resources possible to clarify her condition and determine her best options. She has fought hard and well to manage bureaucracies that stood in her way. Expenses have mounted for diagnostic and treatment services not covered by her health plan. She is currently undergoing the 5 weeks of radiation that followed her mastectomy.


> IndieGoGo link

Thurs October 31, 2013

Canada - Save Sammy - Sauvons Sammy.
We need between $30,000 & $150,000 to give my cousin Sammy a life-saving lymphoma treatment. - Nous avons besoin entre 30 000$ et 150 000$ pour soigner Sammy.
Cost of drug Not covered in Quebec.
> IndieGoGo link 


 Update: Thank you for your donations! Our $30,000 goal was a minimum we hoped we could reach, but we still need more funds. So please continue donating. Every little bit helps.


Health Care Is Free in Canada, Until...


We've all seen that Breaking Bad meme where Walter White is told by a Canadian doctor that he has cancer, and his treatment starts next week. The implication is that because health care is "free" in Canada, patients don't have to worry about the cost of treatments they need. This is largely true, until you get very, very sick.


Brentuximab Vedotin Is Available in Canada, Except...
My cousin Sammy is 28 years old and has an 8-year-old son. She was diagnosed with Primary Mediastinal B-Cell Lymphoma (PMBCL), and her body has been resisting all lines of radiotherapy and chemotherapy so far. 


There is a treatment she could take called Brentuximab Vedotin. It's garnered very hopeful results in clinical trials, with over 90% of patients having some response to the treatment, and 1/3 of them have complete remission. Although this treatment has been approved by Health Canada, it is not available in Quebec because it has not been approved by the organization that decides what drugs and treatments can be covered by the provincial health insurance plan. This organization is the INESSS.


Although the drug is available in other provinces, Health Canada has only approved it for treatment of Hodgkin's and Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma; not PMBCL. As such, other provinces would not reimburse it either.
Brentuximab Vedotin costs $15,000 per dose.


> IndieGoGo link

Tues October 29, 2013


Send Teacher to Teach Music at the Rock School in Kabul, Afghanistan.  Michael is requesting your help to travel to Afghanistan to teach music to young people at the Rock School in Kabul.
> IndieGoGo Project link 


Hello! My name is Michael, and this fall I am traveling to Afghanistan to volunteer teaching music to kids and adults in Kabul. I have been playing in nationally touring rock bands for the last 20 years. When I'm not on the road, I work at the local science museum here in Portland, Oregon.
This summer I heard about Sounds Studies Projects, a non-profit based in Kabul, Afghanistan. 
> www.soundstudiesprojects.com 


Here is how they describe their work:
Current day Kabul has an ever growing and evolving music and arts scene as more and more Afghan youth are being inspired to build, explore, and contribute towards their cultural community. The opportunities a cultural scene offers are rich in terms of employment, education, freedom of expression, and support towards the greater community through music and action, all resulting in an eventual higher standard of living in a country that has been devoid of creative expression for the last 20 years.


As part of their work, in 2011 they founded Rock School Kabul (RSK) to provide the youth of Afghanistan a place to meet, learn music and succeed in positive ways to express and communicate.


I am a strong believer in the immense power of both education and music to positively change people's lives. The instructors there are doing amazing work, but there are few of them, and help is needed. 


So, I am taking a leave of absence from my job and flying to Kabul this fall to volunteer as a guest instructor at the rock school. I'll also be bringing music supplies and upon my return, will be working to connect the school with other artists who may be able to help support this amazing project.


> IndieGoGo Project link

> SoundStudiesProjects.com link

Mon October 28, 2013

Protect The Bees: Suspend Neonicotinoids in Ontario - A Bee Cause.
We are the Ontario Beekeepers Association. Neonicotinoid pesticides are killing bees. We need to encourage our politicians. We want to make a short documentary..
> IndieGoGo Project link 

What we want:
To stop the recent serious decline in bee population in Ontario.

Why we want to do that:
Neonicotinoid pesticides have been confirmed by Health Canada to be the cause of recent bee kills in Ontario and Quebec in both 2012 and 2013. We want Ontario to suspend the use of these pesticides on field crops in Ontario pending further study, just as Europe has done. Bees and beekeepers cannot survive another year of pesticide applications. 

> IndieGoGo Project link

> Link - Ontario Beekeepers Assocation

Friday October 25, 2013

Miss Mavis' Mobility Fund.
Miss Mavis has degenerative arthritis. She's having trouble getting around & she is in pain. She needs help to afford her new treatments.
> IndieGoGo Project link 


Miss Mavis is a giant, sweet, 9 year old pitbull. I rescued her when she was only a few months old. She has been diagnosed with degenerative arthritis in her knees, hips, and back. She is having pain, and a lot of trouble getting around. This diagnosis means that she will need chiropractic adjustments every 7-10 days for the next few months along with Adequan injections, and pain pills. She needs at least 8 Adequan injections during the first month, and then 1-2 injections per month after that. The injections and chiropractic adjustments are expensive, and Miss Mavis is between jobs right now. It kills me to see her having pain and difficulty getting around, but I can't afford the initial cost of her treatments on my own. Please help get Miss Mavis back on her feet.


> IndieGoGo Project link

Thurs October 24, 2013

BARC Critical Care Patients.  BARC needs to raise over $5000 to pay for specialised surgery and treatments for several of our disabled dogs.
Can you help?
> IndieGoGo Project link 

BARC Critical Care Patients. BARC needs to raise over $5000 to pay for specialised surgery and treatments for several of our disabled dogs. Can you help?

BARC have 10+ disabled dogs in our care, but 6 of them need urgent specialised treatment that we can not offer at our rehab centre. Thankfully Sunset Vets in Kuta is giving BARC 50% off for all BARC treatments. But we still need to raise funds to cover these basic costs. Each of our dogs is so special to us. They have a name, a personality and so much hope for the future, but they need your help to have the quality of life they deserve. Below is their stories, prognosis, procedures and the answer to their happy tail!

> IndieGoGo Project link

> BaliDogRefuge.com link

Wed October 23, 2013 

The First $100 3D Printer & Scanner!  It's affordable, small, lightweight, and unique. It's a 3D printer in a class all it's own!
> IndieGoGo Project link 
You know how everyone and their Grandmother has a paper printer? Well, wouldn't it be cool if everyone and their Grandmother had a 3D printer? It definitely would, but this isn't a reality for 2 reasons:

- 3D Printers still quite expensive.
- They aren't very simple. Good luck teaching your Grandma how to use one!


The first goal of this project is simple, but bold…
We want to lower the cost and difficulty of 3D Printing to a point where it's accessible to the masses. We want the 3D Printer to become a household item. We want 3D printing to become a common part of life. We want you to have the choice: Should I buy it or should I make it?

With a Peachy Printer (scanner) on your desk, you can choose to make it. This is the world's most affordable 3D printer!


> IndieGoGo link


> PeachyPrinter.com link

Tues October 22, 2013


Wild X-Rays: X-Rays to Help Injured Wildlife through Toronto Wildlife Centre.
We can't fix broken animals with a broken x-ray machine! Help Toronto Wildlife Centre buy a new x-ray unit to help thousands of wild patients every year.


Like in any hospital, taking x-rays is essential in diagnosing patients. Every day people bring us sick and injured wild animals, and we give them the care they need. Now we need your help to make sure that care continues. 


What We Do:
Toronto Wildlife Centre admits approximately 5,000 sick, injured and orphaned wild birds, mammals, reptiles and amphibians every single year, representing more than 270 species. And not just from Toronto, but from areas outside of the GTA, all over Ontario, and thousands of migrating birds from the U.S.A. and as far away as Central and South America.

We are the only wildlife centre in the GTA and the busiest in Canada, handling more than 30,000 calls every year from people who have found an animal that needs our help.

Why We Need Your Help:
The digital x-ray machine donated to Toronto Wildlife Centre more than 5 years ago is breaking down. In a wildlife hospital, taking x-rays is absolutely essential.

Our patients can't tell us if their wing hurts, or if they feel pain when they put weight on one leg. X-rays can reveal if an owl has a fractured collarbone, a raccoon has a pellet embedded in her leg, or a turtle has swallowed a fish hook. X-rays also tell us if the animal is carrying babies.
— Sherri Cox, Head Wildlife Veterinarian, Toronto Wildlife Centre
Not having immediate access to x-rays can be life-threatening for our wild patients, resulting in delays to surgery or treatment.

Where Your Money Will Go:
100% of the proceeds from this fundraiser will be used to purchase a second-hand digital x-ray machine to help the patients at Toronto Wildlife Centre. If we exceed our goal of $24,750, we may even be able to buy a brand new machine!


> IndieGoGo link

> Toronto Wildlife Centre website

October 21, 2013

Film.  The Last Crop.

The Last Crop is a labor of love, over five years in the making. The film is a tribute to farmers Annie and Jeff Main, and other small family farmers, who's lifelong work has changed our food system for the better. It is a CALL TO ACTION to ensure that our nation’s fertile farmland will be affordable to our next generation of such farmers. 

The Last Crop tells the story of Annie and Jeff Main. Now in their late 60's, the Mains, like many farmers, are being confronted with the future of their working family farm. It's a story being echoed across the nation. The Mains, true to their pioneering spirit, are now creating an alternative for their farm’s succession that ensures its productive future. The film captures the intractable nature of sustaining a small local farm, and the stakes we all have in making certain they can survive and thrive.

> IndieGoGo link

Fri October 18, 2013

For the Center of Vietnam that was just hit by a typhoon.

I am Minh Nguyen, currently a Ph.D candidate, with focus on cancer research at Albert Einstein College of Medicine.

As a Vietnamese, I feel the urge to help the people who are currently under the devastating damages caused by category 1 typhoon Wutip, landed in the center of Vietnam in the morning of Mon Sept 30, 2013, leaving 13 dead, 200,000 unroofed houses, 528 collapsed houses, 843 schools, 120 health centers and almost 19,000 hectares paddy, cash-crop and perennial trees damaged (UNCT, 9 Oct 2013).

Even worse, another category 1 typhoon Nari just landed in the same region again yesterday morning, Tuesday, Oct 15, 2013 ( http://www.ifrc.org/en/news-and-media/news-stories/asia-pacific/vietnam/red-cross-supports-evacuation-as-viet-nam-braces-itself-for-typhoon-nari-63547/#sthash.BjCGrEmR.dpuf). The most affected areas include Quảng Bình and Quảng Trị, Thanh Hóa, Nghệ An, Hà Tĩnh, and Thừa Thiên Huế, respectively.

A $10 lunch of yours would be able to feed 40 lunches over there.. So maybe you can share some? :)

My goal is to raise $1,000 by Thursday, Oct 31, 2013. Any donation would be greatly appreciated, and whichever the amount I would be able to raise by Oct 31, 2013 will be all going to the people of the Center of Vietnam, via a group of Australia's alumni (https://sites.google.com/site/aaavnclub/journal...), as part of Thanh niên Sinh viên Việt Nam tại Hoa Kỳ's group. They will be making a trip to Quang Binh, and the areas affected by Nari and Wutip typhoon. So I will be transferring all your donated money directly to them (https://sites.google.com/site/aaavnclub/), and from there, it will be transferred directly to the people in the Center of Vietnam.

I hope this message finds you well, and that TOGETHER, we can make the world just a little better place to live in :) Your love and care are not to be forgotten!

> IndieGoGo link

Thurs October 17, 2013


Moss Graffiti Kits by Sprout Guerrilla.


What is Moss Graffiti?


Moss graffiti (aka, eco-graffiti or green graffiti) replaces spray paint and toxic chemicals with a moss "paint" that can grow into whatever design you shape. Moss graffiti reclaims dead spaces and transforms them into living urban ecologies. 


What's in a Moss Graffiti Kit? 


A Sprout Guerrilla Moss Graffiti Kit comes with a dry moss mixture, and all you have to do is add water, paint your moss artwork, and help it grow.


(* Check out the photos and videos at the link.  Some incredible artwork to be seen, done with moss, if you scroll down the page at the link.)


> IndieGoGo link

Wed October 16, 2013

Film : Serpent Dreams.

Two scientists create a machine under the instruction of their professor. The machine allows them to view dreams in real time to perform physics experiments.

Serpent Dreams


My thesis film for the School of Visual Arts is an original story about two scientists, Helen and Maria, who create a machine to view dreams. One of them takes a cocktail of medication that allows their brain to lucid dream, while staying sedated. The other watches the dreams through a projection. This machine is built in their mysterious professor's garage. Under his sometimes vague instruction they try and perform physics experiments within the dream. Because dreams have no boundaries, they are able to achieve the normally impossible. But something is wrong with the machine, there are glitches. Helen and Maria are also convinced that its full potential hasn't been reached yet. 

> IndieGoGo link

Friday October 11, 2013

Patience: The Emotional Sequel to Thought Experiment. by Vanessa Cardui, recording artist.

It's time for me to make another album. I have it all written and planned out, and I'm calling it Patience.

I'm a songwriter, recording artist, and producer. I released my debut solo album, Thought Experiment, in November 2011. I have never worked so hard on anything in my life. It is my coming-of-age story. If you haven't heard it, please visit www.vanessacardui.ca and click on "Listen & Buy". There is no obligation to buy, but I would really love for you to hear some or all of it. It's the best thing I have ever done.
"Sometimes it takes quite a while for an artist to open up. Sometimes they never really do, and only let us see caricatures of themselves in their music. But Cardui has done listeners a real service by exposing herself emotionally and letting us experience her artistry."- Cory McCrindle, Greyowl Point

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Thursday October 10, 2013

Bikram Challenge: Fundraiser to get our Brother Back on his Bike.


Sponsor our epic 30-day Bikram Yoga Challenge! We are raising funds for Rich's rehab after he sustained a Traumatic Brain Injury from a cycling accident.


“The road to recovery will be the toughest challenge Rich has ever faced. But we all know him as a young man in the prime of his life, a fighter of fierce courage and steely determination. We believe that with all our love, care and support, we can get Rich ‘back on his bike’, to continue on his life’s journey!” ~ Rich’s mum


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Tuesday Oct 8, 2013

Every Three Seconds.
EVERY THREE SECONDS someone dies from factors related to extreme poverty, but we can solve it! Join the team of this important film and be part of the solution!


EVERY THREE SECONDS, the documentary from award-winning director Dan Karslake, profiles ordinary people who asked what they could do to end hunger and poverty and whose work offered profound answers. Each identified an issue that seemed insurmountable and took action anyway finding surprising solutions and joy along the way. Through these shared experiences, audiences will discover the blinding potential in each one of us to do great things to change the world. We hope to inspire a movement and uncover a new wave of change agents and previously untapped resources.

Though our goal for this Indiegogo campaign is $2,000, we still need $25,000 to finish the film, so all funds raised over our goal will go directly to helping us complete our funding!

EVERY THREE SECONDS someone in the world dies from factors related to extreme poverty – 30,000 people a day and 10.5 million a year. The sheer magnitude can be overwhelming, causing people to ask the question, “What can one person do to possibly make a difference?”  The answer will surprise and inspire you!
Step into the power and take your roll in the end of hunger and poverty by making a gift and joining the production team of this awesome film! The smallest gift makes a difference. 

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Monday Oct 7, 2013


A dramatic feature film based on the book by Eckhart Tolle and Robert S. Friedman. Milton’s Secret is a coming of age story about an 11-year-old boy growing up in an economically depressed suburb, and the elderquest of his grandfather. Milton’s troubles seem to be coming from every direction. His mother and father are workaholics with marital and financial problems, and he is being bullied at school. Fear and dread are everywhere. When his unconventional grandfather visits, Milton learns that rehashing bad experiences and worrying about the future are preventing him from finding true happiness in the Now.

Author: ECKHART TOLLE # 1 New York Times bestselling author of The Power of Now and A New Earth, two of the most influential spiritual books of our time. 
Co-Author: ROBERT FRIEDMAN - The visionary co-founder of Hampton Roads Publishing, and the publisher of Conversations with God by Neale Donald Walsch. 




Attached Cast: Academy Award nominee and Golden Globe winner PETER FONDA.


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Friday Oct 4, 2013

Lava Mae - Mobile Showers for the Homeless.
At Lava Mae, we believe that everyone has the right to be clean so we're launching a mobile shower service for the homeless.

Inspired by the mobile food movement, Lava Mae is putting showers and toilets on wheels. Thanks to the city’s generous donation, we’ll be transforming decommissioned MUNI buses into fully functioning shower and sanitation services that will allow us to reach the thousands of men, women and children who struggle to find access to either.

The buses will be gutted and retrofitted with two showers — each with its own private changing area — and two toilets. The bus will be driven by volunteer bus drivers and will traverse the city making stops at partner organizations serving the homeless. Our goal is to provide 100 - 125 showers per bus per day. In our third year, we’ll have a total of 4 buses providing 400 – 500 showers every day.

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Thurday Oct 3, 2013

MyFocus. Intercept the distractions. Take back your time. - by CanFocus

"Tackle all physical and virtual workplace distractions, at the touch of one button, across all your devices.   An email/ smartphone/desk-phone/laptop/tablet will ping/buzz/trill at you on average every 7-minutes. Statistics consistently confirm it takes 15-minutes to gain proper focus. We need to take back control of our devices.  Equally, there are fewer barriers to the invasion of your physical space and time by co-workers. Workspace layouts are trending towards more open-concept. More noise! more interruptions!  As Featured on...       How can we take back our space and time in both these worlds?  We have invented the MyFocus Solution to do just that. To allow you to gain more control over when you want to be "Available," and when you want some "Do Not Disturb" time.” 

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Wednesday Oct 2, 2013

Nepal Children's Art Museum (NCAM) will be the first of its kind, a creative space where children can learn, play, create and just be children. NCAM is a multidimensional project with three main objectives: provide hands-on art experience to children, encourage literacy through art, and empower youth in the community.

"Nepal Children’s Art Museum (NCAM) will be based in Kathmandu, Nepal. In conjunction with public schools, private schools, several community organizations and local artists, it will be the first sustainable art space for Nepali children and youth.The museum will start out with a two room space that will serve as an exhibition space and an education room with a mini library, a media corner with a projector to screen educational and exciting documentaries every Saturday morning for free and a workshop space fully stocked with art supplies.

Political instability, a low literacy rate, lack of access and out-of-date views all conspire to keep children from the joy of art. Art in Nepal struggles to be recognized as a key part of child development.As a Nepali artist and social worker, I dream of making art a valuable part of the lives of Nepali children, giving them opportunities that me and my friends never had growing up.So I thought how cool would it be to let children be their silly selves and make art?As my mentor, friend and International Graffiti Artist, Caleb Neelon (Sonik) put it:“…it really comes down to giving each kid a little tickle of success and fun with their art-making each time…” - Sneha

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Friday Sept 27, 2013

The Elders.  Independent global leaders working together for peace and human rights.

"Chaired by Kofi Annan, The Elders is an independent group of global leaders who work together for peace and human rights. They were brought together in 2007 by Nelson Mandela, who is not an active member of the group but remains an Honorary Elder.
Archbishop Desmond Tutu served for six years as Chair before stepping down in May 2013, and remains an Honorary Elder.
The Burmese pro-democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi was also an Honorary Elder, until her election to the Burmese parliament in April 2012."


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Daily - Thursday Sept 26, 2013

R.I.S.E. Yoga for Youth.
"RISE brings yoga and wellness education to inner-city schools and youth organizations in the San Francisco Bay Area."

"We bring yoga and wellness education to public high school students in San Francisco and we invite you to be part of our project!  In January of 2012, we launched a small pilot program at Mission High School in San Francisco, CA that brought yoga and wellness workshops to students during their P.E. period.  They loved it. Students from all walks of life told us they felt more relaxed through out the day, they slept better, improved their diets, paid more attention in class, and their relationships with friends and family improved. The positive feedback we received from students and teachers alike reinforced our belief that inner transformation is the first step to creating change in our world.   This fall, we are launching RISE Yoga for Youth.  RISE brings yoga to schools and youth organizations across the Bay Area, where budgets for physical education, and health and wellness are often non-existent.  Your funds will help cover the expenses of running our program, which include paying certified yoga teachers to provide instruction, mats and other supplies, program evaluation, and program development."
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Wednesday Sept 25, 2013

Virtual Prehistoric Worlds by Marcus Abbott.
"Explorable visualisation of a 3D digital world generated from archaeological and paleo-environmental data.
A Virtual Prehistoric World.  This project is a visual representation of what we know about a past landscape, it combines archaeological data and scientific data with cutting edge digital recording and visualisation techniques to produce a virtual world."
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Monday Sept 23, 2013

Songs for Spirit Lake by North Dakota Museum of Art.
"After a successful NY run, we seek help to bring the artists and exhibition Songs for Spirit Lake back to its home Reservation."
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Friday Sept 20, 2013

Human being douses kitten with gasoline and sets kitten on fire.
Another human and an Animal Rescue save his life.
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Thurs Sept 19, 2013

Doctors Without Borders
Doctors Without Borders works in nearly 70 countries providing medical aid to those most in need regardless of their race, religion, or political affiliation.
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Wed Sept 18, 2013

The Naked Poets
A fundraising campaign for Blumin Warehouse, a dedicated writers' centre in Vancouver.
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